Point by Point Myotherapy is a collective description from over 30 years of experience with soft tissue focusing on targeted results. Myofascial Trigger Points were fully documented by Dr. Janet Travell in the 1940's. Through her research and treatment protocols many have benefitted. However, Bonnie Prudden a Physical Therapist enhanced those protocols by creating a technique using finger tip and elbow pressure to release myofascial trigger points instead of dry-needling alone. This was a breakthrough and together they investigated and developed the trigger point protocols. Drawing from their research and development along with other disciplines I have produced Point by Point Myotherapy.
Pain not death is the enemy of mankind. -Bonnie Prudden

Pain is the body's way to communicate that something is not right. If we don't listen to this message and correct the problem, pain will increase and dysfunction will become a way of life thus robbing our joy.

There are as many techniques for soft-tissue therapy as there are therapist to administer them.

Not all people who suffer similar pain syndromes are the same.. Although the same process is used to determine the best course, the techniques should vary. Just as therapists are different so are the patients/clients and how we take care of them as well. There are many components to restoring health since each person has a unique history. This is the reason new techniques, protocols and methods are always being developed.

3 Fold meaning...

Firstly PbyPM is a 10 POINT treatment protocol; Secondly, there are specific POINTS of the body that are treated; Lastly PbyPM POINTS the way to health and well-being.

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