Pain, not death is the enemy of mankind.

Bonnie Prudden


Active trigger points cause pain.

Normal muscles do not contain trigger points.

Individuals of either sex and of any age can develop trigger points.

Dr. Janet Travell


The two quotes above indicate that PAIN IS NOT NORMAL! Pain tells us that something is wrong with the body. When you put your hand on a hot stove, you feel pain that the tissue is damaged, and to fix it! So, you run to cold water to quench the pain. Pain is not to be ignored or trivialized. It is a unique sensation to every individual and must be addressed.

People don’t have to live with pain but most do. It is unnecessary to live in pain and "dis-ease". Many people suffering from muscle and joint dysfunction have found significant pain relief and have enjoyed a renewed quality of life from the method known as Myotherapy.

This method of pain relief and soft tissue restoration has been well documented and practiced for at least 50 years. Myofascial Trigger points were discovered and pioneered by Dr. Janet Travell. The practical digital application was primarily developed by Bonnie Prudden, L.P.T., who coined the term "Myotherapy" (myo=muscle, therapy=attending to). Dr. Travell along with another noted physician, Dr. David Simons wrote the foundational and most comprehensive manuals for the examination, causes and treatment of Myofascial Trigger Points. Bonnie Prudden has written many self-help manuals for the "erasure" of trigger points and the restoration of the affected area. Since their initial research, many have further developed myofascial techniques, but the "Gold Standard" of reference is still Dr. Travell's and Bonnie Prudden's protocols.

Myotherapy involves the release of "trigger points" within the soft tissues of the body. Trigger points (TrP's) are hyperirritable spots within muscles or fascia that restrict the function of joints, constrict blood flow and can lie dormant until activated. Sometimes these dormant or "latent" trigger points can remain silent for many years until activated by an injury, disease, poor biomechanical and nutritional habits, or other factors. Once these points become "active" they become quite painful and exhibit a "pain referral pattern" often distant from the site of the trigger point.

Some TrP's may develop before birth and those usually remain dormant. They also can be created and activated, "triggered" by trauma of an accident, injury, illness, disease and other factors. Physical activities produce obvious symptoms which are easier to attribute to TrP pain syndromess. However emotional stressors are just as valid in causing the same or similar problems. The "Fight or Flight" response to stress is ongoing in life which creates a constant overload on our bodies and minds. Typical symptoms of this "overload" are headaches, sleep disorders, digestive problems, edemas, TMJ dysfunction and various other aches & pains. Undetectable through "conventional" medical testing, trigger points are ignored or dismissed as the culprit in many pain syndromes. Although there is more attention to Myofascial Pain Syndromes, within the medical community, sometimes the sufferer is not fully understood and is left with a sense of being discouraged.

When dysfunction is eliminated, pain is relieved and a sense of well being is restored.

Providing there are no pathological causes for these distresses, Trigger Point Therapy
with other Myotherapy techniques may relieve the effects of physical or emotional stress overload
by eliminating irritating trigger points and other soft tissue restrictions, thus restoring health.