Dr. Ken Clenin-Chiropractor

I have had the pleasure of getting to know and work side by side on patient care with Lisa Shelter over the past (11) years.  We have worked closely together on numerous cases.  I have found her expertise and knowledge, which comes from (30) years of professional service to the musculoskeletal care industry, extremely valuable.  We are able to refer patients back and forth with the same anatomical terminology and use.  Mrs. Shelter fully understands the human anatomy system and its dynamic movement and function, both normal and abnormal.  Her ability to communicate with patients at their level of understanding yet go to a deeper level of expertise is invaluable and available at any time and any given moment. 

Dr. Terry Hanson-Chiropractor

I have always been impressed with her commitment for quality care of each person.  It is my belief that true patient care involves more than just the application of a massage technique.  Care encompasses not just a science but also an art and a passion.  Lisa represents these ideals at an extremely high level.  She goes the “extra mile” to reach out and make the individual feel totally interactive in  the body work experience.  The application of art and passion to the science is an environment many have never had before.  

Dr. Melody Barron-Associate Professor at U.T. Dental School

I have worked closely with Lisa Shelter in a professional capacity for over than (4) years.  I have found her to be of admirable character, and her care that she provides to be high quality.